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125 Set: Sterling-Silver Neo Cubes



We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

The same plating used for the Electro Neoballs, with the same benefits. The specialty of the 93% pure silver coating is it’s brilliant white metallic luster. Silver is the softest of our electro platings and is susceptible to acidic corrosion. Has a tactile sensation that’s completely unique to silver.

These 4mm cube magnets look cool, but do not offer much in the way of shapes. You can make long bars, squares, rectangles, or just a hot mess. If you are drawn to old school Tetris shapes, these are perfect for you. If you have played with magnet spheres, you will notice right away the compulsion of the cubes to snap into a single strand. Magnetic magicians have found some excellent cube applications.

They do look pretty cool sitting on a desk, and if you’re looking for something simple to ignite interest in magnets, cubes aren’t bad. Certainly better than nonmagnetic cubes. For industrial and home improvement applications, these 4mm cubes are an amazing deal.

Comes with:

  • 125 Sterling Silver Neocubes (4mm) Sculpture Magnets
  • Clear Plastic Case

Neocubes are premium sculpture magnet cubes by the Zen Magnets Company. 4mm diameter and n35 grade neodymium, with precise electroplate coatings. We are the last American magnet sphere company, and the only one still fighting for the right to sell High Powered magnet sets in the US.

Customer Reviews

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Honestly much better in my opinion than the bro balls due to the lack of debris that accumulate on them and they seem much stronger. Very satisfied

Break apart after 3 days of use

I was using the magnets and after a couple of days a few of the magnets coating peeled off and they were turning to little bits of neodymium

Hi Aaron, we've not seen this issue before with the cubes. Please email customer support at contact@zenmagnets.com. Pictures would be helpful.
Awesome Magnets

Brought them for my son for Xmas he really enjoys them , fantastic product

If you are planning to build like me, don’t buy.

Yes, they do give some good detail. I suggest buy one set as you don’t need much, and when you do try to take it apart it just becomes long strands.

The Cubes- Frontier of the Ether

The concentrated magnetic fields delivered by these handsome ,diminutive cubic neodyms can be used in so many ways. They have a utility which arguably surpasses the much-beloved spheres, as the shape of the field gives a wider base for the vortex*, allowing more stability for magnetic attachment to flat surfaces.
An attractive (pardon pun) attribute of the Cube is its ability to be oriented in 6 ways, with 2 dominant (clock-wise/anti-clock-wise) vortex spin directions- North/South for you old-schoolers.
They are shiny, do not roll away unexpectedly to join a dust-bunny Circus and can make sculpture with other magnet shapes, sizes and types easily. And of course, as a group, they make wonderful magnetic art and tools when put together with fellow cubes of the same dimensions.
I love my Cubes!
* The magnetic vortex is real, and emanates, like an inverted tornado, from each 'pole' of any magnet. This has been scientifically verified and illustrated, in the Lab and in my home. It explains a lot....