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Zen Mandala - 1728 Zen Magnets



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The Mandala Set is a perfect kit for those ready to make some serious Zen Magnet sculptures. Included are 8 times the amount of magnets in a Triumph set. The 3rd Generation Mandala includes a new addition to any set from Zen Magnets; the Snap Palette. The Snap Palette features a magnetic surface, which is perfect for storing sub units without them sliding into each other and combining. It can snap onto your arm to keep magnets off your work space, but works fine laying flat as well. We have also beefed up the guide with information on more sub units and all lattice formations, leading you towards better, stronger sculptures.

Comes with:

  • 1728 Zen Magnets (5mm) 
  • 8 Spares
  • Locking Sapelle Wood Box
  • Large Platform
  • Snap Palette
  • Lifetime Cloth
  • 2 Cards
  • Gen 3 Guide

When you are ready to step up your magnet game, Zen is the way to go. Neoballs are fantastic for beginners, or those who need some color variety, but Zen Magnets are a must for anyone ready to build some serious sculptures. Our 0.01mm tolerance means none of your sculptures will be foiled by unevenly sized magnets. Due to our rigorous quality control process, Zen Magnets can only be purchased from zenmagnets.com

With this many magnets, you can design and build to your desires. You can architect advanced molecular structures out of dozens of basic particles. Form abstract doodads and objects as large as their exoskeletons can support. Engineer lovely repeating lattice configurations in three dimensions. Create complete castles or carry out your fractal fantasies. And after you’ve made your snazzy scene of symmetrical figurines, learn to let go, and start over.

Don't be fooled by generic Chinese neodymium magnets, not all magnets are created equal. Our Zen Magnets are the most precisely sized magnets around, with our Neoballs a close second. We have fought hard to provide the highest quality magnet spheres available! Accept no substitutes.


1728 magnets measures over eight and a half meters long, single file. For $289.93, the value is obvious. Mirror coated NiCuNi for longevity and tactility. Ultra tight ±0.01mm diameter tolerances for maximum consistency of use, and lattice rigidity. Perfection unmatched.

The 3rd generation Mandala features an alluring wood case made from Tropical Sapelle, underscoring one of the most gentle yet unpredictable timber textures to be seen. Each individually numbered hand-made box is as unique as the exotic wood grain; impression breeds affection at first sight. Case interiors are lined with thick maroon velvet. The molded cushion insert is removable to accommodate additional magnets or other valuables. The padded inner lid pulls down to reveal a laser engraved building platform. The new Zen Snap Palette serves as an additional building platform that will snap to your wrist or lie flat on a table. Included is a vibrant micro-fiber cloth with an endless replacement pledge; a lifetime supply to be used one cloth at a time. Two custom 0.5mm PVC card tools and a comprehensive building guide is also included.




Zen Magnet Corrosive Resistance 5/5

Resistance to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion. Zens are unmatched in their strength. A must have to take your sculpture game to the next level.


Zen Magnet Geometric Tolerance 5/5

The shape and size consistency of the magnets. Zen Magnets have a diameter of 5mm, with a variance of ± 0.01mm!!! Zens= the flattest sheets and strongest structures.


Zen Magnet Impact Hardness 5/5

Shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. Psh, don't even think you're gonna hurt these magnets. No better neodymium magnets on the market.


Zen Magnet Abrasive Strength 5/5

Strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading. Knead your little heart out! Knead until you can no longer make a fist! Zen Magnets will outlive you.



Customer Reviews

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Back on the market again and Loving it

Tiny spherical magnets are great fun, but the packaging applied to the mandala set is over the top good. From the sheet metal enclosure to the tiny lock to the thousands of tiny mirrored spheres this is a great "desk toy" and a great item to buy for creative expression.

A Great Gift

This set is perfect for gift giving. The wood box is beautiful. A must have for anyone that loves Zen Magnets. My son is over the moon happy!

I love my Zen magnets.

The mandala set is amazing it has such a large number of magnets and the quality is great. I worked my way up from buying neoballs to eventually the mandala set and can say it was well worth it. I own 2 of them now to be able make whatever I want

Amazing Quality! *sounds like a paid review...it’s not. I’m just a huge fan.

By far the best place I’ve found to get high quality, mirror finish, consistent size, and powerful magnet spheres. I have an older magnet set of Buckyballs and another off-brand I can’t remember and there is a clear difference easily discernible when just handling the magnets. If all you want to do is mash and squeeze a glob of magnet balls—don’t spend your money on Zen Magnets, but if you want to build amazing shapes, craft delicate patterns, and fall in love with magnets—don’t waste your money on anything but Zen Magnets.

Science/ molecular art works = great fun

At first it may seem expensive. Running out of magnets before finishing can be frustrating. Cost of individual sets to equil amount of zen magnet becomes cost prohibitave. Smartest investment is the Mandela set. Beautiful box & extra stuff is icing on the cake. This is not for children, or most of my adult acquaintances. Pices can get stuck in funny places[ watch band] all mine are accounted for/ no easy task. Happy with it 4 sure but I like to show off my wealth and child free life.

Best Quality

These were the best quality magnets back in the days when there was competition! There's probably competition again, but I've no need to look because I already know this is the best brand. So glad they stuck around and fought the ban. If you want actual proof of quality, search for a youtube video that compared Buckyballs to Zen Magnets. I purchased 2 Mandala sets after I had already purchased two of the smaller sets, and I love them! Others have reviewed the box and accessories and I'll just say that there was nothing wrong with my box, it was beautiful. The cards do tend to fall apart with heavy use, but I don't think Zen can improve them. And you can simply re-laminate them like I've done.

Zen Magnets are Zen Awesome

I started with the small sets for my young sons and I. At the time they were 7 and 8. I told them not to put them in their mouths because it could cause a painful illness and possibly death. I know and did this because I’m an intelligent responsible adult. My sons and I really enjoyed those little sets. Later I felt the need to have the Mandala set, because who doesn’t want something this awesome? I know I did! I put the magnets around a smooth handball and use it to exercise my Rheumatoid arthritis hands. The magnets bumps gentle massage the skin and warm up nicely. Plus the ball sticks to my metal desk and it ready to use on a whim. I LOVE your magnets!

Zen Mandala Set Review

Once the sale hit, our house ended up ordering two of these sets and we are thrilled that we did. The set is really the best value and the allows for freedom of both creation and experimentation without the restrictions of lesser sets (many of which we have acquired through the elongated legal battle). The kit's accessories (cleaning cloth, cards, etc.) are all appreciated and necessary and the box itself is stunning. They will definitely see more use during the upcoming dark months and we are all glad we have them.

Great product and value.