Micromagnets were created in 2015 to offer Zen-Magnets-quality magnets that also completely complied with the Safety Standard for Magnet Sets. The quality of coating is unmatched and each set comes with a beefy guide and accessories.

Speks were created to combine the fun of Buckyballs with the safety compliance of Micromagnets. Available in many different colors as well as a growing line of desktoys in various formats.

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The Neoballs Marketplace is the neodymium magnet ball superstore, brought to you by the Zen Magnets Company. Our goal is to provide the best selection of high quality sculpture and manipulative magnet spheres, at extremely competitive prices.

Neoballs brand magnets are available in a plethora of colors and coatings. Neoballs will always be 5mm magnets, n35 grade neodymium. Other brands featured are: Micromagnets - the 2.5mm world wide best seller, Zen Magnets - the ultra precise mirror coated flagships, Speks - designed in cooperation with the creator of Buckyballs, and Neo Cubes - our 4mm magnetic cubes.