The Neoballs Marketplace is the neodymium magnet ball superstore, brought to you by the Zen Magnets Company. The goal of is to provide you great quality magnet spheres, at extremely aggressive prices.

Superior magnets are available in a plethora of colors and coatings. Neoballs will always be n35 grade neodymium. Micromagnets, Neodymium Cubes, and genuine Zen Magnets are also available.


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Why Neoballs?

Neoballs are the highest quality colored neodymium magnet spheres around. If you need your magnets spheres draped in luscious gem tones, look no further. If you need magnets plated in 22k gold or real Sterling Silver, you're in the right place. If you need the most precisely-sized, strongest, perfectly mirror-finished spheres on the planet... you want Zen Magnets.

But if you want to slide down rainbows or have an out-of-body, metallurgic experience, stick around.

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