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Triumph Set - 216 Zen Magnets



We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

The Triumph Set is the finest experience that is offered with one set of 216 magnet spheres, and is the 3rd generation of the Zen Magnets Gift Set. Foremost: you get 216 magnet spheres (5mm) with the unmatched tightest tolerances, and finest mirror polished coating, of genuine Zen Magnets. And also:

· A 0.5mm PVC Card Tool
· An Embroidered Red Velvet Bag
· 6 Spare Zen Magnets (5mm) 
· A laser etched stainless steel building platform
· A delicately prismatic microfiber cloth
· A brimful 36 page toolbox guide of methods and possibilities.
· A matte coated sliding bamboo box, now lockable with Kensington style locks.

When you are ready to step up your magnet game, Zen is the way to go. Neoballs are fantastic for beginners, or those who need some color variety, but Zen Magnets are a must for anyone ready to build some serious sculptures. Our 0.01mm tolerance means none of your sculptures will be foiled by unevenly sized magnets. Due to our rigorous quality control process, Zen Magnets can only be purchased from zenmagnets.com

Version 2 of A Stroll Through Possibilities is a cohesive 36 page guide to magnet spheres. Amiable enough to serve an introduction, but a broad and refined useful toolkit that even veterans will find useful. Covered in the guide are: simple subunits, manipulation methods, platonic solids, and lattice types. As a chain of chromed magnetic beads, 216 Zen Magnets will measure over a meter long.

Don't be fooled by generic Chinese neodymium magnets, not all magnets are created equal. Our Zen Magnets are the most precisely sized magnets around, with our Neoballs a close second. We have fought hard to provide the highest quality magnet spheres available! Accept no substitutes.

Even if your only intention is to squeeze your frustration through your fingers, you will find a cluster of 216 Zen magnets to be a worthy companion, with the ideal harmony of resistance and weight. Knead them hard for a settling hand massage. Invitingly cold after a period of non-use.

The Triumph Set is a celebration of success in defending Magnets against a nationwide ban in the US, when all fell or fled. It’s the perfect gift for someone who’s intelligence you truly respect.



Zen Magnet Corrosive Resistance 5/5

Resistance to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion. Zens are unmatched in their strength. A must have to take your sculpture game to the next level.


Zen Magnet Geometric Tolerance 5/5

The shape and size consistency of the magnets. Zen Magnets have a diameter of 5mm, with a variance of ± 0.01mm!!! Zens= the flattest sheets and strongest structures.


Zen Magnet Impact Hardness 5/5

Shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. Psh, don't even think you're gonna hurt these magnets. No better neodymium magnets on the market.


Zen Magnet Abrasive Strength 5/5

Strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading. Knead your little heart out! Knead until you can no longer make a fist! Zen Magnets will outlive you.


Customer Reviews

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With the exception of the amount of warnings prior to getting the magnets out which I totally understand, these are a lot of fun. Takes some getting used to, little bit of frustration trying to figure out how to manipulate to what you want, but once you get it, it's fun. Stress relief and something to get your mind off of everyday pressures.

It's everything it says it is.

As great as everything else that comes with the magnets are, the magnets really are the best thing about the entire set. If you love magnets, and how could you not, then you'll love the magnets that come with this. You can feel and even see the difference in quality over other brands. Zen magnets are the best you can get.


Triumph Set - 216 Zen Magnets

Great Set

This set is well thought out. Perfect for a starter set. It allows you to really work with all of the Subunits. These magnets are extremely powerful and hold together well. An Awesome Set I highly recommend.

Zen Triumphs again!

This set rules! In fact, it's a triumph. Packaging, clever warning text, great storage box, everything about this set is perfect for a gift. A gift to one's friends, family, enemies, and self. The magnets look great and are fun to use. Did I mention the packaging? Someone thought hard about this set and how to present it. The Booster Set may contain the same number of magnets, but the Triumph Set goes way beyond it with the accompanying material. If only I had the budget for a Mandala Set...