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Tesseract Cassette: 864 Nickel Neoballs



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Nickel, copper, zinc, // All of them want to be 8... // Electrons that is

Haiku by Steven A. Hardinger's Chemistry Class


Comes with:

  • 864 Nickel Neoballs (5mm) Magnet Spheres
  • Child Safe Case
  • Quick Build Guide
  • A newfound sense of shiny, neodymium fulfilment


“Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.”

-Daft Punk on Nickel Electroplated Neoballs.

Based on physics, they’re actually just as fast as all the rest of our Neoballs, but they’re definitely harder, better and stronger.

In fact, technically, because they’re harder, they’re more resistant to chipping and corrosion, which means they more aptly retain their smooth, shiny, roundness, which reduces the quantity of surface imperfections that - over time - increase friction on a spherical object when it is in motion. So you know what, yeah, they’re faster too. Thanks, Daft Punk.

Nickel is the hardest Electro plating offered on our neodymium magnet balls. It’s really hard. Like beating-a-computer-at-chess hard. Like simply-walking-into-Mordor hard. Like Waka-Flocka-goin’-in-da-paint hard. Not only are Electro-plated magnet spheres by Neoballs harder overall than their Polymer Coated relatives, they offer a much more dramatic shine. So shiny, so chrome.


Features a mostly colorless chrome coating that is consistent and dependable, though may corrode slightly over extended periods of time. These neodymium magnetic balls feature our most lustrous shine, strongest strength, and most tolerable tolerance of any magnetic spheres - except our legendary Zen Magnets. While all Electroplated neodymium balls are harder than Coated, they are still susceptible to impacts, being dropped or rough kneading. Nickel tends to be the strongest.


Nickel Corrosive Resistance

Slightly susceptible to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion.


Nickel Geometric Tolerance

Pretty great shape and size consistency of magnets. These magnets feature a variance of ± 0.02mm. The only magnets with a tighter tolerance are Zen Magnets.


Nickel Impact Hardness

Superb shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. These are the magnets to have if you play rough.


Nickel Abrasive Strength

Very good strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading.




Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
All the balls

I like to make big creations, and this set is great value. The packaging is fun and well done. As always, high quality from Neoballs.

Great product

I saw these and had to have them, I have purchased a total of four of the 216 packs. The magnets are high quality and are great for passing time. I have had mine for almost a year now and they still look great


I bought 4 sets and they work great. Only minor wear at the poles. Used to have bulkyballs and they were completely wore down after only a month of use. These have lasted over six months.

Fun with geometry

What can I say? They're exactly as advertised. Strong, fun, fairly intuitive, and they haven't tried to mangle me yet!

Great Products, if they arrive.

I've only otherwise purchased Neoballs from the Zenmagnets mystery pack they sold recently. They're great products! Lots of fun! I purchased these as a gift but unfortunately they've yet to arrive. They were shipped by some weird UPS Innovations thing that transfers them to the USPS. idk why they would use this as it takes so much longer. I ordered these two weeks ago and I haven't seen them yet. UPS says that USPS has them, USPS says that UPS still has them. This is a mess that could've been avoided by just shipping with one or the other. I paid $7.00 for shipping. That would've been about the cost of priority mail and it would have been here two days later. So the products I know are great but the shipping sucks.

Having a ball

Actually a grand time with 864 of them creating all sorts of things. Endless possibilities if you stick with it.


Relaxing to create things and to just have fun with.


Even though Zen magnets are "better", these are still very high quality!