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Zen Booster - 216 Zen Magnets



We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Unmatched quality magnet spheres, excellent price, no excess, minimal impact. No box is included. Zen Magnets may appear similar to Nickel Neoballs, but the difference in quality is significant. Zen Magnets are far more precisely sized, and have a smoother, more mirrored coating. Perfect for expanding collections, the Zen Booster Set includes a complete set of 216 Zen Magnets (5mm), as well as:

  • A 0.5mm PVC Card Tool
  • An Embroidered Velvet Bag
  • 6 Spare Zen Magnets (5mm) 

When you are ready to step up your magnet game, Zen is the way to go. Neoballs are fantastic for beginners, or those who need some color variety, but Zen Magnets are a must for anyone ready to build some serious sculptures. Our 0.01mm tolerance means none of your sculptures will be foiled by unevenly sized magnets. Due to our rigorous quality control process, Zen Magnets can only be purchased from zenmagnets.com


Don't be fooled by generic Chinese neodymium magnets, not all magnets are created equal. Our Zen Magnets are the most precisely sized magnets around, with our Neoballs a close second. We have fought hard to provide the highest quality magnet spheres available! Accept no substitutes.

Even if your only intention is to squeeze your frustration through your fingers, you will find a cluster of 216 Zen magnets to be a worthy companion, with the ideal harmony of resistance and weight. Knead them hard for a settling hand massage. Invitingly cold after a period of non-use.

As a chain of chromed magnetic beads, 216 Zen Magnets will measure over a meter long. Mirror coated NiCuNi for longevity and tactility. Ultra tight ±0.01mm diameter tolerances for maximum consistency of use, and lattice rigidity. Perfection unmatched.



Zen Magnet Corrosive Resistance 5/5

Resistance to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion. Zens are unmatched in their strength. A must have to take your sculpture game to the next level.


Zen Magnet Geometric Tolerance 5/5

The shape and size consistency of the magnets. Zen Magnets have a diameter of 5mm, with a variance of ± 0.01mm!!! Zens= the flattest sheets and strongest structures.


Zen Magnet Impact Hardness 5/5

Shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. Psh, don't even think you're gonna hurt these magnets. No better neodymium magnets on the market.


Zen Magnet Abrasive Strength 5/5

Strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading. Knead your little heart out! Knead until you can no longer make a fist! Zen Magnets will outlive you.


Customer Reviews

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These are pretty neat.

These magnets are very nice and feel very smooth. The company is very upfront about all the information as well. Surprisingly strong for their size being a bit larger than airsoft bbs. Probably going to buy more sometime.


This was an addition to my original set. I ordered multiple packs during the 4/20 sale. Product is good however a couple of the sets were missing the 6 replacement magnets. The covering separates easily on the splitter cards. Not a big deal as I have several now.


Zen Booster - 216 Zen Magnets

Adding more to an every growing set.

This is my 4th set of zen magnets that I have purchased. They snap really cleanly, they feel super clean, and most of all they are very strong. I’m very satisfied with my most recent zen magnet purchase. I will be buying more in the future!

Can't afford the Mandala? Give your Triumph Set a Booster

With another 216 magnets, think how much more you can build! Save a few dollars on the (oh so exquisite and very useful) packaging and go for the Booster Set. The same precise spherical magnets as the Triumph Set, which you *must* get if you plan to give Zen Magnets as gifts to others. But if you can't afford the Mandala Set, get a Booster or two. Neoballs are cool, but Zen Magnets rule!