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We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Flashy, flamboyant // The Kanye West of magnets // Cubes that ball so hard.


All that glitters literally is gold with 22k gold-plated Neocubes! Well suited for those looking to add a touch of way-too-much-flair to your sculptures, these cubes will let you build like Midas - without a lifelong curse from the gods! These magnetic cubes are plated in 22k gold. Real, actual gold, just for your fancy self. They use the same plating used for the Electro Neoballs, with the same benefits, and will not corrode as  every atom of gold that has ever been around still is  - and will be forever. The yellow metal represents hundreds of years of work; mining and refining. While all of our magnets are shiny and beautiful, the real gold plating on these neodymium magnet cubes offers the very best in longevity of appearance.

These magnets are perfect for building a yellow brick road, the city of El Dorado, or building a replica of the inside of Donald Trump’s mansion and then smashing it, because that will be really cathartic. They are also good for making long bars, squares, rectangles, or just a hot mess. If you are drawn to old school Tetris shapes, these are perfect for you. If you have played with magnet spheres, you will notice right away the compulsion of the cubes to snap into a single strand.

Neo Cubes are an important part of any sculptor’s magnet collection. These neodymium magnetic cubes are the most entertaining boxes since “X”. Their sturdiness and rigidity symbiotically support the infinite edges of your magnet spheres.They also look pretty cool sitting on a desk, and if you’re looking for something simple to ignite an adult’s interest in building with rare earth magnets, magnet cubes aren’t bad. Certainly better than nonmagnetic cubes.

If you’re looking for something simple to ignite a child’s interest in building with rare earth magnets, stop. These magnets are not for children. They eat them and it is bad. (The children eat the magnets, not the other way around. Magnets are your friend.) For industrial and home improvement applications, these 4mm neodymium cubes are an amazing deal.


Comes with:

  • 125 Gold Neocubes (4mm) Sculpture Magnets
  • Clear Plastic Case
  • Again, definitely not a lifelong curse from the gods. Definitely. NOT.


Neocubes are premium sculpture magnet cubes by the Neoballs. 4mm diameter and n35 grade neodymium, with precise electroplate coatings. We are the last American magnet sphere company, and the only one still fighting for the right to sell High Powered magnet sets in the US. Due to our constant struggle for perfection, colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Customer Reviews

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It’s cute

My son picked this out so we ordered it for him for Christmas. I’m not sure he knows how tiny it is. Hope he loves it. It’s cute!


A little small, but just beautiful.

Gold Neo Cubes Satisfaction

Nice coating to resist chipping when clicking? Yes.
Smooth and satisfying to manipulate? Yes.
Gold and glittery to make your friends jealous? Yes.
Able to instill some order into the madness of daily life? Very Yes.

Alright but the coating is really thin

The coating is really thin and was misapplied on some cubes. I still like them very much though.

A simple strange distraction and fascination piece.

Neat, well done, High quality product. You didn't cheapen the gold, and yeah it "feels" nice to mess with because gold is rather soft and can strangely be felt this way.
Easily deformed, but you cannot change all of material physics for just me so honestly a perfect product when it comes to your end of the agreement that had me hand over my money.

They are however, not perfect. Yet to ask this, would be to provide something that could fix said deformation in the box , a tool or what have you. I know Strange idea, impossible by most regards even though gold is squishy. So such would be way beyond expectations.

Ps. I wonder if this floats with one of those magnetic hover platforms. The ones that you power to float a magnetic disc often with statues or what have you?