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Ensign - 432 Micromagnets



We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Identical to // Infamous Zen, but instead // Super duper cute!!!

Squee!! Feeling dainty and need a little less circumference in your spheres? We invite you to enjoy the challenge of little, itty bitty, teensy weensy micromagnets!

What makes our micros so special? They require a lot more focus, skill and dedication than Neoballs because they’re smaller and more difficult to precisely place. They’re also (somehow) more satisfying to crush after every masterwork is complete!

Sizing in at just 2.5 mm, these precious little guys will quickly become be your new baby budsies. We hear that many magnet artists keep them on  hand at all times for spontaneous crafting and mashing.

We get it—you can only pull off the icosahedral molecule sculptures so many times with standard sized Neoballs magnet spheres before getting bored. Ready to take your magnetic magic to the next level? With the obvious exception of size, micromagnets are identical to Zen Magnets in quality and durability, making them the top tier of magnets that enthusiasts are sculpting with.

But what makes Micromagnets the same as our extremely high quality Zen Magnets, you ask? Let’s start with the finish. Every single little baby micromagnet Neoball is lovingly mirror polished so they can play for years and years! The NiCuNi coating on micro Neoballs are as genuine and high quality as Zen Magnets. This means the finish shouldn’t pit or wear with reasonable use. Naturally, just like all Neoballs, the neodymium is extremely high grade and makes for a surprisingly powerful pull between spheres and other metal objects.

The short and short of it is this: Micromagnets are twice the challenge, half the diameter, and a third (!) of the cost of Zen Magnets. As always, responsible play is advised and is for adults and children, even though you really shouldn’t give these to children in the first place. Sharp eyes, clean fingernails and intense focus are strongly recommended for magnet crafting with these micromagnets.

Comes with:

  • 432 Compliance Micromagnets (2.5mm Neoballs)
  • 1 Magnetic Field Viewing Card Tool
  • 92 Page Construction Guide





Micro Corrosive Resistance

Not susceptible to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion, this coating is very strong.


Micro Geometric Tolerance

Okay shape and size consistency of magnets. The size variance of these magnets is ± 0.05mm. Currently, this is the tightest tolerance available for this style of magnet.


Micro Impact Hardness

Suberb shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. These are the magnets to have if you play rough.


Micro Abrasive Strength

Samson strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading. Knead your little heart out! Knead until you can no longer make a fist! Zen Magnets will outlive you.


The Magnetic Field Viewer works as a Micromagnet separation tool and also displays the magnetic field of the Micromagnets. The thin film will appear lighter when magnetic field lines are parallel to the film, and darker when magnetic field lines are mostly perpendicular to the surface.

Do NOT use the MFV card for separating full size magnet spheres like Zen Magnets. The green film consists of tiny ferromagnetic oil cells, which will rupture from the pinching pressure of typical magnet spheres. Do not fold or crush the MFV card.


Customer Reviews

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Fun but hard.

Fun to play with but really surprised with how small it is. Hard to work with.

Did not arrive!

Ordered Feb 22 and still did not arrive! UPS and postal service claims that tracking number is invalid!
Contacted Seller, still waiting for response...

Damaged in Shipping

The box was obviously dropped as the magnets had burst out of the plastic packaging and formed a half hexagon along one side of the box, which has a massive dent in it.

As far as the actual magnets, they're absolutely amazing to play with but I feel like I don't have enough to make something incredible... I feel like you should make the premium box have at least twice the amount of magnets.

The engraved metal plate and the magnetic field viewers were a pleasant delight and I appreciate how the user guide has different tutorials to the ones in the Zen Magnets guide.

I just feel like it should have been more clearly marked as fragile for international shipping... hence four out of five stars.

Micromagnets are a macropain...

These magnets aren't for making sculptures, shapes, or anything of the like, they are however, perfect for just smashing between your fingers and kneading, if that's what you're looking for then look no further. But if you're interested in actually making sculptures and geometric shapes, go for the Zen magnets. They're infinitely better.

Tons of freedom and room for creativity!

There was a mistake with the order, but once it was fixed, these magnets shipped incredibly fast. Once I had them, I started playing with them immediately. It is slightly harder to make the same crafts I knew how to make with Buckyballs, but I'm certainly enjoying the challenge - with practice I feel like these magnets are helping train my focus and patience. With the sheer amount of magnets there are, you're sure to have the materials to make basically any construct you want, and then some. Whether you want to make something complex or just mash them between your fingers, these tiny little magnets make for both an excellent distraction and a project. If you're like me and have ADD or are just plain fidgety, they also might help keep your focus on other things!