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We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Rainbow of colors // mixing, blending, painting Earth // Diverse tapestry.
Haiku by Annalise Brigham


Finally available; the Rainbow Neoballs set. We heard your requests and have delivered. A perfect way to add color to your magnet collection, or start a magnet collection for that matter. Inside is 36 magnets of each color; Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green Neoballs.

This magnet set is screaming for your creativity and innovation. There are plenty of fun color combos to work with and discover. Be sure to check out the Gallery for inspiration on colorful builds! The best part is that their colors won’t fade with normal use! Please don’t subject these little things to hard impacts or fast speeds-- that’s just not what they’re built for. If used gently like the precious gems they are, the coating can last for years.

All Polymer Neoballs feature a ± 0.05mm tolerance, meaning that due to manufacturing differences between spheres, Neoballs and those who love them can count on a variation in diameter of at most 0.05mm. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to tell. We’re just magnet sculpture nerds who care probably a little too much.

Every set of 216 Rainbow Neoballs includes:

  • 36 Yellow 5mm Neoballs
  • 36 Orange 5mm Neoballs
  • 36 Red 5mm Neoballs
  • 36 Purple 5mm Neoballs
  • 36 Blue 5mm Neoballs
  • 36 Green 5mm Neoballs



Rainbow Corrosive Resistance

Not susceptible to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion, this coating is very strong.


Rainbow Geometric Tolerance

Okay shape and size consistency of magnets. The size variance of these magnets is ± 0.05mm. Currently, this is the tightest tolerance available for this style of magnet.


Rainbow Impact Hardness

Some shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. These magnets will not withstand high speed impacts, collisions, or rough kneading without chipping or denting coating.


Rainbow Abrasive Strength

Very good strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading.



Neoballs are premium sculpture magnet spheres by the Zen Magnets Company. 5mm diameter, n35 grade neodymium, all Electroplated Neoballs feature a ± 0.02mm tolerance. We are the last American magnet sphere company, and the only one still fighting for the right to sell High Powered magnet sets in the US. Due to our constant struggle for perfection, colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.



Customer Reviews

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Almost Perfect

See my review of the 864 tesseract for other observations. As far as this 216 set in particular, I felt it should have included magenta and cyan since they are included in the tessearact, but I understand doing that would have not allowed a nice even number of hexagons. I also still think the polymer coated Neoballs should be stronger than n35 since the coating is thicker.


Just what I expected!


216 Set: Rainbow Neoballs


My daughter was just recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. She struggles with anxiety and these Neoballs are a great stimming tool for her!! Nice quality and very strong magnets! Highly recommend!

Nearly Perfect

There is so much good about these magnets, but that's pretty obvious, so I'd rather just get a couple of complaints out of the way, rather than go on and on about how great they are forever. Well, more nitpicks really..

First, the red is not as nice looking in real life as on the picture here on the site. Even in bright lighting it's hard to tell the red from the orange and I'd like to see the red looking a little bit more vivid like the other colors. As of now, I have to make sure the two colors never mix or I'll spend a tedious amount of time trying to weed them out of each other.

Secondly, the kit comes with instructions to make a "cuboctahedron". They're wrong. Which is very annoying to figure out after having spent so long trying to put it together. The set of magnets is a 216 set, and the instructions say it only takes 216 magnets to build, but it actually takes 240 if you follow the instructions. Now, the picture shows the model using pink and cyan colored magnets, which don't come in this set, but in the tesseract cassette, which has far more magnets. I believe it was made with a larger set, and so no one noticed the mistake.
You can still make the model though, in step D it tells you to add a magnet to the center of each side of each unit, just don't do that and you'll have enough magnets. However, two of your units will have to be multicolored, so I guess stick those in the back if you don't like it?

Overall, these magnets really are nearly perfect and I love this brand so much. Just a couple small things I hope they improve on in the future.