We currently ARE selling masks - Click Here

Hi Air Breathing Human,

Did you reach this page after receiving a complimentary mask with your order of magnets?

No, we're not transitioning to the business of masks. But we may provide bulk masks at cost if the online supply is as overpriced and as disorganized as they are now. In other words, we'll leverage our supply chain to bring more masks of the same high quality, or link an external shop that is selling masks at a reasonable price. Consider it our gesture of support towards a culture shift towards wearing masks in public.

Without further ado, here's a listing for bulk surgical masks that is either being fulfilled by neoballs.com, or an external web-shop:



Remember when the WHO and CDC recommended against the general public wearing face masks, even though they are known to reduce transmission rates of invective respiratory diseases, obviously because they didn't want to create demand panic that couldn't be met?

Haha.. :-/


Mask wearing tips:

While most of the air you breath is meant to pass through this surgical mask, these sort of masks are droplet filters that are intended to protect others from you, rather than filter out particles you breath in.

If you wish to re-use this disposable surgical a few times, sterilization between uses with the sun's UV for an hour seems more effective than 80°C heat treating.

Bend the shape strip to fit your nose before you put it on. If you feel a bunch of air blowing towards your eyes, or your glasses are fogging up, you need to adjust the morph strip to better fit your nose.