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Zen-Neo Mystery Box #2



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Mystery Box #2 has arrived!

This a small flat-rate box stuffed with an assortment of goodies from Zen Magnets, Neoballs, Micromagnets, and Speks! Compared to the first, Box #2 has new and updated prototype tools in greater quantities and a wider variety of packaging inclusions. The contents of the box will be worth more than the price purchased individually. Consider this the raffle you can't lose. Even masterminds need some randomness in their lives. You'll get:


  • At least $60 worth of magnets: Neoballs, Micromagnets, Zen Magnets or Speks.
  • Potentially Mid-batch and prototype coated magnets.
  • Prototype tools, and unique samples seen by nobody else.
  • Stickers, microfiber cloths, other random schwag.


    We can assure you that inside each mystery box there are at least 650 magnets, and 6 other items. And unless you're the 1% that wins a brand new Zen Magnets Mandala Set, something will be wrapped in an out-of-print page of Nintendo Power. Just cuz. Here's a summary of the major odds:


    • 52% - Prototype Flag Tool (V42). A near final design multi-use variable thickness magnet manipulation tool, with a poker/lever at one end. Feedback appreciated.
    • 35% - New Conveyor Tool (T13+R15). A new two-part tool to assist in one handed construction from a single chain. This is an early prototype. More about this below. If you end up with this, we beg for your feedback.
    • 25% - Imperfect Mandala Box without accessories. This is the only way to get a handmade Mandala Box without buying a Mandala Set. 
    • 50% - Last Generation Zen Bamboo Box. The ones with solid lids that don't deserve to experience the landfill.
    • 13% - At least 1 set of Zen Magnets. Of 200 boxes, 24 contain one set of Zen Magnets. And 2/200 are brand new Mandala Sets, valued at $289. 
    • 10% - A fresh Neoballs Tesseract in a newly released Multimetal or Rainbow variant. 


    Beyond that... it's a mystery! We're going to try our best to surprise you. 



    This is a chance for you to get your magnet-craving hands on a grab bag of one-of-a-kind magnet spheres and make some really creative sculptures. Maybe you'll be getting a test batch of glowing Neoballs that glow really well, but have a weird dull color to them. You might even get some magnets that aren't spheres! The images above do not show all of the possibilities. 

    Prototype Conveyor

    About 1/3 boxes of trying out an early prototype of the Conveyor Tool. It's a one handed magnet extrusion assistant that allows you to feed magnets from your fingertips. While it's satisfying to loop them forever like rosary beads, the tool is (hopefully) useful for the single chain construction methods needed for most advanced builds. These will work with Zen Magnets or Electroplated Neoballs, but may be too abrasive for Polymer Neoballs.


    No two mystery boxes are identical; they're like snowflakes or fraternal twins. So why not buy 2? Or 3?


    This item cannot be returned.



    Version History


    Mystery Box #1 - Released 5/29/2018

    101 boxes produced. Minimum 650 magnets, at least 7 other items. Including but not limited to: Mid-batch and prototype coated magnets, prototype products, unique samples, and random shwag. Median value ~$90, Minimum value $60.


    • 1% - New Zen Magnets Mandala Set
    • 10% - Zen Magnets in addition to Neoballs
    • 39% - Flag Tool, V31-V42
    • 99% - Imperfect Mandala Box

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