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We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.


We usually ship within 24 business hours. Shipping is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Zen-Neo Mystery Box #3

[5/31/2019 Update] 200/300 Sold within 12 hours. The next batch will be available late June.

When the first Mystery loot box was released one year ago, it quickly became a best seller. Mystery Box 3 will be the best one yet. We guarantee that the contents of the box is worth more than the price of individually purchased magnets.
Win a free Mandala Set from Zen Magnets
Expect a USPS flat-rate box stuffed with an assortment of goodies from Zen Magnets, Neoballs, Micromagnets, and Speks! But look through your box thoroughly, because we'll be including 3 Golden Tickets among all the mystery boxes1. Find it, and you win a brand new Zen Magnets Mandala ($290) in addition to everything else already in your Mystery Box. Consider this the raffle you can't lose. Even masterminds need some randomness in their lives. 


You could get:

  • Products with damaged or obsolete packaging.2
  • Prototype tools and unique test products seen by nobody else.
  • Mid-batch coatings, and sample magnets between 2.5mm - 10mm.
  • Stickers, microfiber cloths, pins, snap palettes, other random schwag.

And just for fun, we'll wrap something in an antique page of LIFE magazine circa 1950. We're not censoring anything; if you end up with an offensive cigarette or sexist appliance advertisement, just remember this was a world long ago and it's statistically probable the content creators are now dead.

We can assure you that inside each mystery box there are at least 600 magnets, and 6 other items.3 Here's a summary of noteworthy odds:


  • 50% - Prototype Flag Tool (V45). A (possibly) final design multi-use variable thickness magnet manipulation tool, with a poker/lever at one end.
  • 25% - Conveyor Tool (T13+R15). A two-part tool to assist in one handed feeding of chains. Feedback appreciated.
  • 25% - New Diagonal Cube Twisty (V1). A 3 piece variable height support for layers 7-15 on a diagonal cube lattice to assist in larger diagonal cube builds. If you get this, we beg you for feedback.
  • 40% - Imperfect Mandala Box (either 2nd, or 3rd gen) without accessories2. The only way to get a handmade Mandala Box without buying a Mandala Set.
  • 50% - 2nd Generation Zen Bamboo Box. The ones with solid lids that don't deserve to experience the landfill.
  • 15% - At least one Focus Set quantity (72) of genuine Zen Magnets.
  • 10% - A fresh Neoballs Tesseract.
  • 1% Golden Ticket - Redeemable for one new Zen Magnets Mandala Set ($290 value)


    Beyond that... it's a mystery! We're going to try our best to surprise you. 


    No two mystery boxes are identical; they're like snowflakes or fraternal twins. So why not buy 2? Or 3?



    Prototype Tools


    Newly introduced is the Diagonal Cube Twisty (V1). While some tools have a wide use, this has a very narrow purpose. It helps you stabilize constructions made of diagonal cube lattices, so they can better resist crumbling upon themselves. This is a threaded 3 part support, with grooves on the threads that snap to various flat layers of diagonal cube lattices, specifically layer 7 to layer 15. 


    For examples of what can be made with diagonal cube lattices, check out mathnetism.zenmagnets.com. You might also try it as a support for other flat cubic surfaces by ignoring the notches on the thread. 


    The Flag Tool (V42/V45) is the evolution of our PVC splitter, upgraded with a thicker body and two different edges. The newest version V45 will likely be the final geometry, though material will be different from this hand finished SLA prototype. The "flag pole" is modeled after a rounded Bic pen cap. 



    The Conveyor tool (T13+R15) will be included in a small handful of Mystery Boxes. It's a one handed magnet extrusion assistant that allows you to feed magnets from your fingertips.

    Prototype Conveyor

    While it's satisfying to loop them forever like rosary beads, the tool is (hopefully) useful for the single chain construction methods needed for most advanced builds. These will work with Zen Magnets or Electroplated Neoballs, but may be too abrasive for Polymer Neoballs.


    Fine Print


    1. There are 3 golden tickets among 300 total mystery boxes, with 1 golden ticket in each production batch of 100. We do not know which box contains a Golden Ticket. All the boxes are shuffled prior to sending. The Golden Tickets must be redeemed publicly using the #mandalawinner hashtag on Twitter or Instagram

    2. The imperfect Mandala box might have a slightly off center logo, or barely misaligned lid, or small dents. These are Mandala boxes that weren't perfect enough for the prom, but are still very nice handmade wooden boxes that we'd hate to see trashed. This is the only way to get a Mandala box without buying a Mandala set, though there is no guarantee other Mandala accessories will be included. 

    3. The exception to 600 magnets is if you receive our prototype 10mm "Hazard Magnets". Each 10mm ball is eight times the mass of one 5mm magnet, so each 10mm magnet is counted as 8 towards the guarantee.

    This is a limited production item, and cannot be returned. 



    Version History

    Mystery Box #2 - Released 7/18/2018

    200 boxes produced. Minimum 650 magnets, at least 5 other items. Including but not limited to: Mid-batch and prototype coated magnets, prototype products, unique samples, and random shwag. Median value ~$90, Minimum value $60.


    • 1% - New Zen Magnets Mandala Set
    • 13% - At least 1 set of Zen Magnets
    • 5% - Neoballs Rainbow Tesseract
    • 5% - Neoballs Multimetal Tesseract
    • 52% - Flag Tool V42
    • 12.5% - Feeder Tool T13+R15
    • 25% - Imperfect Mandala Box


    Mystery Box #1 - Released 5/29/2018

    101 boxes produced. Minimum 650 magnets, at least 7 other items. Including but not limited to: Mid-batch and prototype coated magnets, prototype products, unique samples, and random shwag. Median value ~$90, Minimum value $60.


    • 1% - New Zen Magnets Mandala Set
    • 10% - Zen Magnets in addition to Neoballs
    • 39% - Flag Tool, V31-V42
    • 99% - Imperfect Mandala Box

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    I loved it planning on getting more

    I'm very much impatiently waiting for them to go on sale again and bet I'm probably getting 2 or 3

    Always cool!

    I got the slightly improved cutting tool and a Tesseract case of white magnets, plus some other fun extras, Zen Magnets knows how to make life interesting

    Worth It!

    I was pleasantly surprised by what I received. The value of the box was made up for in 3 neoball tins (216 each). When I looked back through, I realized that getting a Mandala box, was not guaranteed. I was lucky that I got one! I have loved and followed Zen Magnets for years, and am happy to support and get my awesome magnets. If you're thinking about it... Purchase!

    not disappointed

    Everything I received was expected.


    Zen-Neo Mystery Box #3