Photographic Communities

The Zen Gallery, the most impressive collection, is exclusive to Zen Magnet purists. This passionate group specializes in photographic quality as much as magnetic sculpting. Free sets of magnets are awarded daily, and over one thousand sets of Zen Magnets have been granted to encourage quality and innovation. However, the membership application is difficult, and content approval is highly selective. Three quarters of submitted photos are not accepted. If you’re new to the world of magnet spheres, the Zen Gallery is probably not the place to start.

Created by the nanodots company, Dotpedia currently has over one thousand entries, and is also welcome to all brands of magnet spheres. You can also find entries from the nanodots company, and it’s a great place for additional artistic exposure. “Post comments on someone else’s creation using Disqus, Twitter, Google +, Facebook or even post comments anonymously.” Magnet count is mandatory, and entries are sortable by count. No approval is needed to join.

Every set of Buckyballs contains a link to this facebook page, so you’ll find a variety of people here with varying levels of interest for magnets. You’ll find posts from magnet sphere newbies, to image posts from Zen veterans. There will also lots of promotional campaigns, questions from users about shipping and other topics, as well as other company outreach efforts. No approval is needed to interact on the buckyballs facebook page, the forums are moderated.