Neoballs are professional sculpture neodymium magnet spheres by the Zen Magnets Company. 5mm diameter, n35 grade, with colorful Polymer coatings and precise Electroplate coatings. Our goal is to provide you great quality magnet spheres, at extremely aggressive prices, with minimal fluff. High powered magnets are not children’s toys.

Due to CPSC requirementsThe CPSC is attempting to ban 'Aggregates of powerful magnets', and have requested all magnet sphere brands to stop selling. However, you can still purchase as many neoballs as you would like., we are selling the magnets individually. However, shipping is flat rate no matter how many neoballs you purchase, whether you buy 216, or 21,600 magnet spheres.

A sliding tin container is included with every 216 magnets of a color. The custom designed and embossed tin is more than an attractive storage case, it also serves as magnetic shielding during transport. Also included with every 216 magnets of a color is a shaped tray for counting and easy removal from the tin.

Status: The magnet ban is defeated for now. All colors of Micromagnets are currently in stock. Current condition of Zen Magnets LLC can be found at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy more than one?

Yes! Absolutely! If you haven't heard, the CPSC has decided that an arbitrary quantity and shape of magnets is defective, and should be harder to purchase than ammunition online. Specifically, a quantity that can be considered an "aggregate" or "collection" of magnets shaped like spheres. To comply with the CPSC, we are now selling Neoballs individually. The CPSC's attempt to ban magnets is bad, and they should feel bad. Go to to learn more and add your voice.

Shipping Details

Shipping+Handling+Counting is a flat $5 for all US Domestic orders, via USPS First Class. No tracking comes with First Class shipping, and usually takes 4-7 days to arrive to your mailbox; international shipments take 2-4 weeks. Priority shipping does come with tracking, and takes 2-3 days to ship within the US. Express shipping comes with detailed tracking, and is usually overnight. All orders leave our door within 1 business day.

How to get a tin

No tin packaging is guaranteed for the final release of Neoballs.

Tins are provided as an incentive to purchase in larger quantities.

To ensure that you receive a tin, 216 magnets of one specific color must be purchased. So if you order 216 blue neoballs and 216 gold neoballs, you will receive two tins. However if you purchase 200 of each color, you might not get a tin. If the description states that no tins will be included, there won't be a tin regardless of how many you purchase.

Polymer Neoballs


Cyan | 11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Blue |

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

White |11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Green |

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Purple | 11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Glow | 11¢

5.05±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Yellow | 11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer


5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Orange | 11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

Red | 11¢

5±.05(mm) n35 Polymer

We have two new additions at popular request.

A solid pearly White is now available, and is not a translucent color like most of the other rainbow colors. The brightness is comparable to a dry erase whiteboard, but the tone is a tinge bluer than neutral.

A Luminous Green glow in the dark color is also available. It’s more expensive to produce, however it’s slightly oversize, so the resulting price is on par with others. Not a strong glow, but noticeable in the dark after a charge.

Dark Blue is actually one of the experimental colors that came from our factory. This is a one time production batch, and will not be continued after sold out.

Corrosive Resistance


Resistance to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion.

The new polymer coating is a pseudo plastic overcoat, which is completely different from the typical electroplating process used to coat metal on to magnets, is not susceptible to moisture or oxidation. The polymer technology also offers distinct experience from common electroplated metal coatings. Polymer coating is warmer to initial touch with a softer contact sound.

Abrasive Strength


Strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing and kneading..

Finally, colors that don’t fade with soft abrasion. If used reasonably gently, the coating can last years. The matte texture diffuses reflections, but is still slippery smooth to the touch.

Impact Hardness


Shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping.

It’s stronger and thinner than vehicle paints (which are actually some of the strongest paints around.) But is still soft compared to metal coatings. The polymer coating won’t withstand high speed impacts, or rough kneading.

Geometric Tolerance


Consistency of size and shape matters with structural size.

Conformance of diameter and shape define how well magnets interact with one another. Magnets that are more precisely sized will always lie flatter in a sheet, be more rigid in a frame, and behave more consistent during use. Thus, the larger your sculpture, the higher tolerance magnets you’ll want to use for load bearing structures.

Polymer Neoballs have a diameter of 5mm ± 0.05mm, which are Compatible with the leading competitor’s polymer coated 5mm spheres of the same specifications. Since Electroplated Neoballs are more precise (5mm ± 0.02mm), they are said to be Over-Compatible with lower tolerance magnets. Meaning you can use them together since they are the same average size, but you’ll lose the advantages of the finer tolerance magnets.

Fair Pricing

Our prices will always be very competitive, we’re not here to play games. For honest perspective, our competitor typically sells a set of 125 polymer spheres for $30 (24¢/pc), but discounts for as low as $5 for a set of 125. Neoballs are less than half the retail price of the leading competitor. And while we’re not likely to ever match that way-below-cost promotion of 4¢/pc, you’ll find our prices to be consistently on the low end of the scale and sustainable. Polymer coated Neoballs are guaranteed to be equal in strength, tolerance and longevity to the leading competitor brand of “chromatic” magnet spheres. While electroplated Neoballs are guaranteed to be better or equal than all other brands of 5mm magnet spheres, except the Zen Magnets themselves.

Electroplate Neoballs


Gold | 12¢

5±.02(mm) n35 22k Gold

More Info

If molecules were a town, gold would have the happiest electron citizens of the precious metals. Gold does not corrode so all the gold that has been around is still around and will be around. The yellow metal represents hundreds of years of work; mining and refining. Gold is beautiful, however soft.





Silver | 11¢

5±.02(mm) n35 Sterling

More Info

The specialty of the 93% pure silver coating is it’s brilliant white metallic luster. It is harder than gold, but tarnishes easier. Extremely susceptible to acidic corrosion. A tactile sensation that’s completely unique to silver. All electroplated Neoballs feature a +/-0.02mm tolerance.





Micro |

Full sets @

2.5±.03(mm) n35 Ni

More Info

For info and full sets, go to: Micromagnets are 2.5mm Neoballs, born out of necessity in the context of CPSC red tape and regulation. Although smaller and weaker, the strength to size ratio allows Micromagnets to form nearly every shape that 5mm magnet spheres can become. Cheaper and more portable, but more difficult.





Nickel |

5±.02(mm) n35 Ni

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This popular coating is the hardest of the electroplated coatings. A mostly colorless chrome coating that is consistent and dependable. Nickel coated neoballs are compatible with other good caliber 5mm magnet spheres such as buckyballs and nanodots. These are not Zen Magnets.





Black Ni | 11¢

5±.02(mm) n35 Black Ni

More Info

Black nickel is a sleek decorative coating that offers nothing in additional protection over colorless Ni. Infact the color doped nickel coating kneads off faster on the hands, and will leave discoloration on the skin after much use. The 0.02mm tolerance is common with the colorless Ni coating.





OS Zinc Ni | 8¢

5.05±.02(mm) n35 Zi

More Info

The current batch of ZiNiCuNi are oversized. Don’t mix with 5mm spheres, or risk structural inconsis- tancies. A layer of sacrificial Zinc is coated on top of Nickel, resulting in a more physically resiliant coating but quicker to tarnish cosmetically. Compared to silver and nickel, zinc has a tinge of blue.





Zen Magnets | ~17¢

5±.01(mm) n38 Zen

More Info

Zen Magnets are the highest precision magnet spheres on the market, utterly unmatched. The mirror coating isn’t only beautiful, but it’s surface is much stronger than mainstream nickel coating and will last twice as long. Only found at For those who require the best.







125pc Gold | $12.5

4±.05(mm) n35 22k Gold

125pc Nickel | $11.25

4±.05(mm) n35 Ni

125pc Silver | $12.5

4±.05(mm) n35 Sterling

125pc Black Ni | $12.5

4±.05(mm) n35 Black Nir

More Info

These 4mm cube magnets are for people who can’t handle magnets with infinite sides. Six sides is enough to do… not that much. They do look pretty cool sitting on a desk, however. And if you’re looking for something simple to ignite interest in magnets, cube’s aren’t bad. Certainly better than cubes that are not magnets…

These ARE compatible with 4mm Buckycubes, which once sold for 20 cents per cube. For industrial and home improvement applications, these 4mm cubes are an amazing deal.